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Castanha is a coffee from Espirito Santo, a region very well known for great quality coffees, specifically in Serra do Caparaó, from a farm called Santa Rita. It’s producers Tarcísio and Jhone Lacerda have been working, living and dedicating their lives to coffee ever since they were born.

The coffees from Sitio Santa Rita are all handpicked, which means there is a greater uniformity and quality involved in the processes after the fruits are picked from its trees. All of the farms drying equipment are hand built and quite unique, bringing its own singularity when it comes to sensory profiles.

Castanha is a washed Red Catuaí, harvested 950m above sea level. It brings a very nutty flavor, with high sweetness, low acidity and medium body; great for the daily drinking. It's easy to prepare and to perceive all the notes these beans contain.

We at 4BEANS have a recipe to share!

  • If you’re preparing a brewed coffee, we suggest a 1:12 ratio, for a better expression of what these beans have got to offer.
  • First you gotta heat your water at 205ºF and then grind 18g of 4BEANS’s x eightonethree. Castanha.
  • Pour some boiling water at the paper filter so you don’t mix all of the aromas and flavors of the coffee with the paper’s chemicals compounds.
  • Throw that water away and put the coffee in the paper filter.
  • Pour 50ml of water in the coffee, and with a spoon, try to make sure all of the coffee bed is wet. Wait for about 35s and gently pour in a spiral the hot water until you reach 230g of water in the scale.
  • This extraction will take about 2min.

Castanha Coffee in paper filter eightonethree.


Castanha Coffee in paper filter pouring water eightonethree.


Castanha Coffee in cup eightonethree.


Now if you’re preparing an espresso, we suggest a 1:2,5 ratio, for a 23s extraction. It is your job to adjust the grind setting so that the espresso will be extracted at this time. But we believe in you 😊

Castanha will be available on 10.22.2022 @wevegancafe 10am-4pm. 

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