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Louis Vuitton Bindi Sunglasses Authentication Comparison

A Brief History 

Louis Vuitton is a french globally recognized fashion powerhouse, whose iconic LV monogram is featured on an array of luxurious products, from handbags and leather items to clothing, footwear, fragrances, timepieces, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses and books.

During the Fall Winter 2007 runway show under the creative direction of Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton debuted the iconic bindi sunglasses. These sunglasses were an instant success. As a result we have noticed an influx of counterfeits in the market. This article aims to educate our readers on how to authenticate the Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses in three simple ways.


Three ways to authenticate Louis Vuitton Bindi sunglasses 

  1. Temple Tips Arch 
  2. Serial Code Font 
  3. Box 


Temple Tips Arch  

Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs Bindi Sunglasses How to Authenticate

Using the Ivory pair of bindi sunglasses as a reference, please direct your attention to the temple tips. The Ivory pair has significantly pronounced temple arches compared to the black pair. 


Serial Code Font 

Louis Vuitton By Marc Jacobs Bindi Sunglasses Authentication Guide Serial Code Comparison

Using the Ivory pair of bindi sunglasses as a reference, please direct your attention to serial code font. The Ivory pairs font is very clean cut and sharp in comparison to the black pair. Notice the letter "N" and "W" on the black pair is blunt and not defined. 


Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs Bindi Sunglasses Box Comparison Authentication Guide

Using the left sunglasses box as a reference, please direct your attention to the difference in color. In this example, the right box features a notably darker color compared to sunglasses box on the left. The box color and font should look like the example on the left. 

Please note that it's common for counterfeit sellers to purchase authentic boxes to disguise the counterfeit items.

If you need further assistance with authenticating an item, fill out our authentication form; we would love to help!

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